Finding the Right Attorney for Your Loan Modification


Loan ModificationMost homeowners at this point are keenly aware that the national housing market has gone through one of the worst economic crisis’ in the history of our nation. This has made it very difficult for many homeowners to make their mortgage payment on time. In recent years, not only have home values dropped sharply, but many people have suffered drastic reductions in their income as well. As a result, countless homeowners are not able to afford their loan payment or likely to become unable in the near future.

An experienced loan modification law firm such as Legal Debt Help represents homeowners who want to modify the existing terms of their home loans and has extensive experience in handling modifications cases where the borrower is either presently unable to repay the loan on the existing terms or is likely to have such an issue in the near future. Legal Debt Help will provide leverage to make your case strong enough for a successful loan modification so that you can get reduction in the rate of interest, get lower monthly payments, an extension of the loan’s term, or an entirely different type of loan.

Labor Laws in New York

The citizens of a healthy democracy and society must be engaged in meaningful employment that sustains their life necessities. It is also the mark of a responsible nation to make sure that the interests of its employees are looked after and that they are provided ample protection.

All countries have their own laws that look after the interests of its workforce. For these laws to have the desired effect, their compliance must be absolute. This is enforced by various government agencies whose sole purpose is to ensure employees are treated as per the laws laid down by the government.

The employment laws that are in force at the state level in New York and its constituent counties have been put in place to ensure that employee rights are protected and the employees and workers are provided all basic necessities of a proper workplace.

These employment laws cover a wide range of issues related with employment such as child labor, overtime wages, minimum wage, maximum working hours etc. These laws are actively enforced throughout New York including its constituent Staten Island.

Hours of Work

New York government has made sure that there is a law that can protect the employees in terms of hours of service.
In the absence of such laws, unscrupulous employers can force their employees to work more than the time they are required to work.

Industrial and Manual Labor Jobs:In occupations where continuous and stressful manual work is involved, employees must be given ample rest periods between work hours.

But employees who have to do no manual labor as part of their jobs are not entitled to such rest periods.

Even though the rest periods within a work day are conditional on the type of job, all employers must provide all employees with a day off comprised of twenty four consecutive hours in a week.

Minimum Wage and Wage Payments

The employment laws in Staten Island in New York, dictate that $8 per hour is the minimum wage that employee must be paid in lieu of their services. This law ensures that employees receive at least enough to meet their basic necessities.

The Department of Labor is a dedicated government agency that handles complaints and grievances of employees who have not been paid by their employers.

Employees with complaints against their employer can file a complaint with the Labor department and necessary action is taken. Once a worker delivers the work assigned by the employer, the employer is legally required to pay the employee the due wages.

These regulations of the Labor Standards act as legal discouragement to unethical employment policies in Staten Island and the state of New York. They offer a solution to employees who have suffered unlawful deductions from wages or have been denied due wages. You can go to klawnyc for professional legal counsel.

Labor Standards on Employment of Minors

The employment of minors is also a major point covered under the Labor Standards in New York and its districts.
All minors below the age of 14 are prohibited from seeking employment of any form. Any person who employs a minor younger than 15 years of age is liable to severe legal action.

However, for minors over the age of 15 the Labor Standards state that they can work in part time jobs as long as the work hours are after school or fall during vacations.

If they are not longer attending school then minors over the age of 16 can seek full time work.

Farm Labor Employment Laws

In the case of farm labor, the New York employment laws have laid down a stringent set of rules that must be complied with by all employers who hire the services of farm labor.

The employment laws in Staten Island in New York enforce a minimum wage order on all employers who hire farm labor. The minimum wage of $8/hour must be complied with.

Also, according to farm labor standards any cost that the employer bears to provide food and shelter to the workers can be subtracted from the earnings of the workers. Ample rest must also be provided those farm laborers who are doing intense manual labor.

Some Important Employment Laws

Austin employment laws offer a legal framework for how employers and their workers relate. From the moment a person gets hired through an interview to the day that person is relieved of his/her job, employment laws exist to ensure that his/her employment rights are upheld at the workplace.

Through this post we can get a glimpse of the scope of these laws.

The employment laws in Austin prohibit employers from showing prejudice against a person during the hiring process because of that person’s race, age, national origin, gender or religion. The selection must be done purely on the grounds of merit and suitability for the job.

An employer can’t base the decision to hire a person on any of the aforementioned factors.

Swift and severe legal repercussions await any employer who flouts these laws by any discriminatory actions against employees or potential employees.

Texas Laws on Minimum Wages

All employees in Texas must be paid at least an equivalent of $7.25 hourly rate as their wages. This hourly rate has been specified as the minimum hourly wage under the state and federal employment laws.

In addition to this, employment law states that if an employee works more than 40 hours a week, then the employer must pay the employee overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per week.

The employer is required to pay the employee an overtime pay not less than one and a half times the employee’s usual pay. These statutes on minimum wage & overtime pay hold for all nonexempt employees.

Workers of businesses with annual gross sales of over $500,000 are covered by the minimum wage overtime provisions. In addition, workers of smaller businesses that are engaged in interstate commerce are also covered by this minimum wage and overtime stipulations.

A few of the professions that have been exempted from overtime stipulations of the employment law are executive and administrative employees. These, along with a few others, do not
qualify for overtime wages based on a set of criteria which includes, among other things, the condition that their weekly pay must be in excess of $455.

Another category of employees who are exempt from the minimum wage restrictions are employees who earnings consist of tips as well as regular pay. These employees can be paid a reduced hourly wage as long as their tips combined with the hourly rate makes up for an average hourly rate of more than $7.25 per hour.

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Employee Safety

Employee Safety is guaranteed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act which stipulates that the safety of employees at their place of work is the responsibility of the employer.

All professions and all types of workplaces are covered under these workplace safety laws. Only independent contractors have been excluded from its legal cover

In addition to the legal protections, agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration offer employees a platform where they can lodge their complaints regarding workplace safety.

These laws and the agencies also provide protection from discrimination to any employee who files a complaint about worker safety against their employer.

Worker Compensation

Through a state- controlled program that is funded by the employer, employees who suffer any injuries at work can avail various benefits. This compensation should include the injured employee’s medical expenses as well as a reasonable portion of the wages lost due to being unable to work.

The employer may decide not to participate in an insurance program like this but should the employer decide to adopt these programs then they limit their exposure to compensation as only workplace injuries are eligible for compensation under these insurance programs.

If the employer does not opt for an insurance program such as this, then they stand the risk of being sued for compensation by an injured employee.

Leaves from Work

The Family and Medical Leave Act states that all employers must provide eligible employees with unpaid leave of up to twelve weeks.

These stipulations apply to all government agencies and private businesses with more than 50 employees. Moreover, all employees are entitled to a 2 hour paid time off to cast their vote. Any employer who denies their employees this time off will be liable for legal action.

As per the stipulations of the state laws, any employee called upon for jury duty is entitled to a time off, albeit unpaid, from the employer.

Post Employment Benefits

If a worker’s position is terminated due to any other reason apart from misconduct, the worker is eligible to get unemployment compensation benefits.

For businesses with more than 20 employees, there is a legal provision under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which allows ex- employees to continue their health cover plan at their own cost if they want to.

You Will Not Find a Better Divorce Attorney

If you’ve identified your self hunting for a legal professional, you desire to make sure that you choose the right a single. You don’t want to waste materials your time, and you don’t want to wind up losing your situation. Alternatively, you desire good results, and for this you need the best legal professional to do the job.

Make sure you learn who all will probably be linked to helping to work on your situation. What kind of encounter have they got? Some could possibly have several years of encounter, whilst other individuals may be fresh out of law institution. How much time is the legal professional expecting on dedicating in your situation?

Before you engage a legal professional, take a moment and outline the situation which you have. At times, you might find that your particular condition is not really awful ample to warrant an attorney. Comprehending exactly what you will be undergoing can help help you save a ton of money with time by using a legal professional and court costs.

Do you experience feeling like you will find the legal professional that is going to help you win your situation now? It’s essential that you make use of the advice and tips you’ve learned right here to be able to much better create the correct choice regarding your preferences. You would like to think that you have the best possible person on your side.

How To Get An Attorney That You Can Be Proud Of

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A Struggling Homeowner’s Guide to Loan Adjustment and Loan Modification Lawyers

Due to the current economic situation being felt around the world, many people are finding themselves in a financial crisis. These days, it’s not uncommon to hear of friends, family, or neighbors that have fallen on hard times. Sometimes, we ourselves carry the said burdens.

Homeowner's GuideThese situations are particularly difficult for homeowners that have fallen behind with their mortgage payments. It’s hard to let go of something that you’ve worked your entire life for. You really shouldn’t have to. Homeowners with the will and determination to save their homes should never let the thought of a foreclosed home cross their minds. This is where loan modification lawyers come in.

Some people like to think that they can handle things on their own. There is nothing wrong with having that kind of attitude. The problem is, being a go-getter isn’t enough; especially when it comes to the adjustment of loans. Some banks and lenders will put you through so much just to get little things done. In most cases, you will find yourself being passed from department to department only to end up where you originally began. This can be a tedious process that will only tire and discourage you.

Occasionally, we need to let go of the idea of fixing things ourselves and seek professional help; or advice at the very least. Loan modification attorneys are law practitioners that specialize in the restructuring of loans, mortgages, and other dues. They know the ins and outs of loan adjustment and can do the task for you.

Getting the services of a loan modification lawyer is fairly simple. Usually, it starts off with an inquiry on their website or over the phone. After this, most people arrange for a personal one on one meeting with the lawyer. During this meeting, you need to lay out the basics of your case. He or she will review your finances, so it would be wise to comply with all of the requirements. If specific documents are requested, make sure to bring them, as these are necessary to assess the worthiness of your case. Once a lawyer takes you in as a client, he or she will provide you with more details and analyses of your case.

This attorney will be in charge of getting in touch with your bank or lender to modify your mortgage payments. Their years of experience will allow them to face your creditor from a knowledgeable and fearless standpoint. Your lawyer will negotiate with your creditor the possibility of having your monthly mortgage lowered, or having your interest rates reduced. Once the dust settles, you can expect some of the burden to be taken off of your shoulders. Remember that although fees may be reduced, it is your duty to uphold the new conditions of your loan or mortgage.

Make sure to do thorough research before hiring the services of the loan modification attorney of your choice. Some practices might offer promises that they can’t live up to. Proper research might lead you to insightful testimonials before you make a big decision. It will also guarantee that you get your money’s worth, seeing as it’s of utmost importance.

Let a Loan Modification Attorney Help You With Your Foreclosure Defense

You have just received a complaint: your lender is about to foreclose your home. What do you do now? Calling on your loan modification lawyer can guide you on what you have to do next. Most likely, you may have to try foreclosure defense. This pertains to defending your property against your lender. Before you proceed, ask your lawyer to explain what foreclosure defense is all about. You can also ask your lawyer to file a Motion to Dismiss.

Foreclosure DefenseIn 23 U.S. states, the foreclosure process is done under the supervision of a judge. During the process, lenders are required to show evidence that they have the right to foreclose your property. This gives your loan modification lawyer an opportunity to examine your lender’s files, look for specific documents, loopholes, and question its employees about the loan.

There are basically two documents you sign when getting a real estate property loan – a mortgage and a promissory note. A mortgage is a security interest granted to your bank. This is often recorded at your county recorder’s office. This promissory note is a form of evidence you signed that granted a mortgage to your bank.

These are two of the basic documents your loan modification lawyers will require. If your lender can produce these, it will tell whether your lender really does own the note and mortgage. Questions whether your lender has legal standing to file a foreclosure lawsuit or can they produce the proper evidence to prove a transfer between entities that possesses the loan (in case the mortgage was sold) can also be answered. These issues can affect a lender’s right to foreclosure by delaying it or preventing them from doing so all together.

A loan modification attorney who can effectively expose deficiencies of your lender, such as “robo-signing” documents or failure to provide the note, can give owners a chance to live in their houses without paying mortgage for months or even years. Errors done by your lender that were caught by lawyers can stall the process by compelling lenders to prove their case.

Attorneys specializing in the field now frequently use a technique commonly done in corporate litigation – probing depositions. This is intended to expose errors in a process, lapses in judgment, or any wrong doing. Last year, a number of major banks and lenders were put under the media’s spotlight by placing provisional moratorium on foreclosures. It was discovered that many of the banks were using “robo-signers,” or individuals who sign hundreds upon hundreds of documents each day without reading them. There was a similar incident that happened in New Jersey when a Pennsylvania notary signed a huge number of foreclosure documents without a New Jersey license.

Foreclosure errors by lenders are common. One lesson you have to understand is clear: If you are currently experiencing foreclosure, it would be wise to consult immediately with a loan modification attorney who offers foreclosure defense services. Do not instantly believe the bank when they say they have the right to foreclose your own home. Talk with your chosen counsel and discuss your possible options.